The END Times Gospel Mission

Dear friends, again I will be going to Budaka by 24th - 29th August 2014 for another Gospel Outreach Mission. I am excited and expectant to see God’s mighty hand of salvation come across the Eastern region of Uganda.

If you have been praying and believing for the salvation of family or friends, take this opportunity and join me. I will be taking the Gospel Message “END Times” as God has placed on my heart.
Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come”

I stand with you and believe that the God that saves will touch the broken hearted!


Thanks and praises to the Lord of lords and the King of Kings Jesus Christ for another move during this last MAY Month's Vangrace Compassion Ministries - Lwamata Kiwonnongo Mission. Glory and honors goes back to Him for all this Mission's success. Thanks for your prayers and support too.

During one of Vangrace Compassion Gospel Reachout Missions to remote and desolated communities here in Uganda . As we preached the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to Gideon the sorcerer, confesed and accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. Thank you all of you who are praying and financially supporting Vangrace Compassion Mission.