Solitary Paralyzed Old Man Just Few Steps Away From God's Village

Kasisi who came to Uganda years back as a Rwandan refugee living just few steps away from God’s village , an old man of 90 years  totally vulnerable that he cannot do his own house work /dig his food. He is in a very bad condition since he is paralyzed, old, sick, and poor and he lives alone in a grass thatched house surrounded by trees, plants and grave yard where all his relatives and wife were buried.

 ‘'I have no nearby relative since they all died of diseases like Aids and others drowned in the nearby Lake Victoria.’ ‘‘Said Kasisi.’’  “All my daughters, sons and grandchildren died and my wife too, I remained alone in the world. I find a lot of challenges since I ought to do a numbers of tasks so as to support my well being like; I cook for myself which is a terrible experience on my side since am sick and old.’ ‘’Said Kasisi.’’ He can’t do the digging, and washing on his own.

Because of his good behaviors towards the neighbours of God’s village community, Kasisi is being helped by children sent by their parents to help him in sweeping, peeling food and then he does the rest.

He lacks the common necessities of life like food of which he can’t even dig and he waits daily for mercies from the neighbouring people of which people to live in a poor /desolated communities which can’t provide to him things like clothes, sugar, salt, mosquito net, mattress among others but above all due to his illness he lacks medication. We believe that if he at least gets these necessities of life, his standard of living can be improved as it is the aim of Vangrace Compassion Outreach Programs. We call upon any one who can be of help to him in any way to cause a difference in his life. TAKE ACTION

As we continue to carry out the outreach program need assessment as well as support when funds available, it has been discovered that there are many elderly people just a few steps away from God’s village in the same state and they really need to be helped.

A passionate interest in what you do is the secret of enjoying life...whether it is helping old people or children.