Celebrating Our Sponsor of the Month.

We are excited to have Chris as our sponsor of the month of September. Join us as we celebrate him and appreciate him for his kindness, love, caring and support towards our ministry’s programs and activities.

 Chris is one of our top active sponsors who take part in every event through donation whenever there’s a call to give. He also sponsors one of our kids “Kigenyi Patrick” monthly. So it is such a pleasure to have him as our sponsor of the month.


1.  Chris you are one of our top active sponsors that we have currently. But someone out there would like to know who Chris is.

 ~My name is Christoph Eid. I was born in Lebanon but was lucky to move to Australia when I was a child due to the civil war in Lebanon~

2. How old are you and what do you do currently for a living?

 ~I am 30 years old now, single living with my mother and older brother and I currently working at a cafe/pizza shop~

3. What inspired you to come up with a plan of helping Vangrace Compassion Ministries and how does it feel to help those that are in desperate need?

~I had been friends with Ivan on Facebook for a little and would always see his posts about the orphanage, the smiles on the children at the orphanage would always put a smile on my face but when I would see how much they were struggling I would feel bad so I decided to sponsor a child and help the orphanage when I ever I can. The $23 US I spend a month to sponsor Patrick is sure worth it~

4. You've been sponsoring Patrick one of the kids from Vangrace Compassion Ministries for a long time , what makes you to continue donating again and again?

~Since I have started sponsoring Patrick, Ivan has kept me updated with photos, videos and even a letter from Patrick! A price can't be put on this~

5.  What is the secret behind sponsoring a needy child from Africa?

~Well, the secret is not all that big, but since giving and helping those that are in need is part of me, I just find my self doing it with ease and happiness. Another thing sponsoring a needy child from Africa is another way of giving what I have to God as Mathew 19:14 says 'But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'

Do you also want to help or support those that are in need? Vangrace Compassion Ministries is the way to go. Join us as we serve many people that are in need today.