Pastor Ivan and Prossy Ssewankambo's Christmas Letter.

Dear Friends,


Christmas is the most beautiful celebration of the year. Families reunite, relatives and friends gather, everyone exchange wishes and news. 

By this letter, I and my wife Prossy would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have been by Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ side to accomplish this wonderful mission of feeding and catering for our 279 children, widows and elderly people here at God’s Village and also those that have supported our Community Outreach Missions Programs.

Since this year began, we have seen God’s favor, grace, love and care for us all through the new friends that have joined the ministry and have stepped out to support us with what they have. Thank you all.

We cannot also forget to say there have also been a lot of challenges this year like monetary, food shortage, sickness and natural disaster like the heavy rains with storm that curled down thesleeping quarters of our children and also the pit latrine.  But in all, we praise God that we are still living, serving God and we will continue to live by His grace.

Thanks to all, not only for monetary support, but also for being present side by side by friendship, correspondence, by dedicating much time for our every day posts in our Facebook page and groups "God's Village Blog and Devotional Blog" as well as on our ministry website Blogs.

Thank to you all that sent in the "Surprise Boxes" to our children and those who offer their prayers in order to give life to this wonderful Ministry ‘Vangrace Compassion Ministries.

It is mutual word of thanks which we exchange to each other thus to feel part of the great family that has Love as father.

This Love we see to come to exist on our world on Christmas day.


Yours Sincerely





Pastor Ivan Ssewankambo