Imagine Feeding Your 4 Or 279/ Hundreds Of Hungry And Less Fortunate Children

Feeding the Children has never been an easy task at all. Take an example of just feeding the 4 children that you have at home. Imagine waking up in the morning knowing there is no food in the store and you have no even a single penny. A child comes to you saying ‘Mum/Dad I am hungry. Are we going to have breakfast/ lunch today?’ We have to eat, you know,’ she says, only the slightest hint of resignation in her voice. ‘We can’t starve.’  The fear of being unable to feed the four children would hang on you as a parent. Isn’t it?

Now take up another example of a man Pastor Ivan Ssewankambo with a vision and a  mission of feeding 279/ hundreds of  hungry and less fortunate children that are orphans and totally vulnerable.

What kind of fear of being unable to feed these children would hang on you?

Here at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage - God's Village we Feed 279 orphans and vulnerable children , educate them , shelter , give medication and all these we do it together with 8 care Givers among them with multipurpose skills like 2 nurses , others teachers working as foster fathers , uncles and aunts.

Apart from all that, training them to fear God with the support of 9 Mission church ministers working so much changing communities to Christ as way to fulfill our Vision "unify generation in Christ transforming ...."

Apart from driving the call of God’s purpose for me, all in all am still doing it and I will continue to do it together with you men and women God has brought into our God's Village family (Vangrace Compassion Ministries - Ministry partners/ sponsors/ donors and believing that God is still touching more and more to get involved so that we can strongly share this ever flowing God's blessing.

Join us today and lets all labour for this plentiful harvest

Matthew 9:37, Luke 10:2 ‘Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few;