Surviving a Life of Torture and Child Abuse.

‘As a young girl, I lived at a home where my mother was drunkard as well as my father because they knew they were HIV positive. Since we were just a few steps from a bar, my mum and dad would go with me for drinking because they could not live me at home alone because I was still young. This bar could collect all kinds of drunkard people including prostitutes. They would come and suck down bottles and bottles of alcohol.  Since I was young, I didn’t know that taking alcohol was not a good thing. I remember one day when my mum gave me a bottle of alcohol to sip and taste its sweetness. I tried it out but it was so sour and I felt like my heart was burning inside so I had to spit it out but to my surprise, my mum gave me a slap saying that I was wasting her drink.’ Says Oliver

Oliver continue saying that ‘after they got drunkard, that’s when they would think of taking me back at home to sleep and my worry starts because reaching at home my  mum and dad starts to fight yet we lived in a single roomed house.

I would cover my head with a torn bed sheet that I had so that I don’t listen to their sound when arguing and fighting. It’s at that very time that you would hear your mum falling on you while crying after being bet by dad and from there you become a punching bag of her to get rid of the anger that she had towards dad. Imagine living in that situation for a week, months and years.’

Lots of children have become vulnerable here Africa because they live with alcoholic parents. They become the victims of alcohol and many have been tortured and live a life of being in pain and regretting why they came to earth.

Meet Oliver Akampulira here at God’s Village who lived in such a tough situation until when she was helped by Vangrace Compassion Ministries. As we bring you close to the people that we serve, we also bring you the children under our cares that still need to be helped.

Take time to think of the situation she was living in. Akampulira Oliver is now 12 years old. She lives with us here at God’s Village but she is in need of your help. Support her education, feeding, and her medication. With only $23 USD or More monthly, you can totally change a life of a vulnerable child here at Vangrace Compassion Ministries Orphanage -God's Village.  

Please note that as you choose to sponsor this child/ program mentioned in this Article above , we will be sending you videos or photos of how your funds have been utilized as a way to bring you close to the people we both serve with your financial generous support