The Vangrace Compassion Ministries Programs and Activities  are to reach out to people in need. Serving families and individuals who live in poor and vulnerable communities and on streets of Uganda.


Community Outreach Missions' intention is to cushion the impact of poverty on children, families and individuals by providing essential living items and the basic skills needed as well as spreading the Gospel of Actions in sharing the Food of Life through Christ with a small material gift to bring a great impact with in our communities as  our mission states that 'Transforming Lives of Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Impact Communities Through VCM Initiatives, Churches and Missionary Programs to Equip Them with Full Potential for Productivity and Ministering To the World' to keep themselves  healthy and safe.


 Since its inception in 2003, Vangrace Compassion Ministries Community Outreach Missions Program has expanded from helping a handful of people one day per week to a five days per week program which encompasses all communities in Uganda. 


Vangrace Compassion Ministries is looking for churches, individuals, kind hearted people to partner with so as to address the challenges faced by the people in the Ugandan Communities.

Poor and homeless families and individuals may have limited access to transportation, or may be illiterate and fail to have a good understanding of the communities’ resources that might be available to them.


Vangrace Compassion Ministries picks up donation and delivers those donated items directly to people in need, shifting the onus from those in need to those who can help. Program staff does more than simply distributing emergency supplies, they link patrons to other community services, striving to bring each person or family to a higher level of self sufficiency.

Throughout the region, the outreach brings good such as, clothing and household items  where ever they are living.

Community outreach staff also provides referrals as well as case management.


1. VCM Community Assessment Program

These involve visiting families and assess their priority needs and see who we can help. According to our assessments, we have found out that there are very more people who need our help and this is why we need partners who can work with us so as to solve these desolated communities' needs. In this we also find out the ideal resources that we have in our communities that can be of great importance to the people in the community.


2. VCM Clean Water and Sanitation Programs 

Aims to make measurable and sustainable improvements in water supply, sanitation, hygiene, and the overall environment in the communities we serve.

We recognize that in order to successfully improve health in developing areas, programs must be comprehensive, training both the direct and indirect causes of poor health and nutrition. We therefore integrate our water and sanitation projects into our health and nutrition programs, as well as our workforce and entries development and food security and agriculture programs.


The components of our clean water are to:

1. Increase access to potable water and sanitation facilities.

2. Promote positive behavior towards water and sanitation facility utilization and hygiene practices (Behaviour change communication)

3. Strengthen capacities of relevant national, country, district, and community stakeholders to perform their role in community water and sanitation services delivery management.

4. Improve clean water and sanitation standard, guidelines, procedures, and approaches achieve through regular and productive coordination and collaboration with relevant government, NGOs and donors stakeholders

5. Increase access to seed fund to support community generated activities that will complement infrastructural development

6. Enhance strategic and partnership between public entities for development.


Vangrace Compassion Ministries does more than give woman-farmers new tools; we provide better seeds, improved livestock, and most important, train women farmers in the skills they need to start their own small businesses. A significant part of our strategic plan includes helping poor woman-farmers gain access to knowledge, tools and capital in order to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.


We focus on ways to improve farming production and sustainability. Our skills training programs teach women-farmers innovative growing, processing and marketing skills, helping them generate more product and more profit. Additionally, our programs emphasize both environmental and economic sustainability, ensuring that they continue to improve the quality of the ecological and interpersonal communities of women-farmers for years to come. Ultimately, we hope to improve the quality of life for women-farmers, their families, and their communities. Specific areas of intervention that Vangrace Compassion Ministries has the expertise to implement include:

(a)  Post-harvest processing and storage training  (b) Agro-forestry (c) Inventory credit (d)  Post-harvest management and processing (e)  Storage and agricultural marketing (f) Formation of women-farming groups


3. VCM Food Security & Agriculture Programs 

Aims to make measurable and sustainable improvements in farming production and resource utilization through instruction and skills improvement in growing, processing and marketing practices. Providing direct technical assistance to farmers through field extension agents, who live and work in communities to promote changes in attitudes and systems, while enhancing clients’ skills in agriculture. Vangrace Compassion does not simply give rural farmers new tools; we empower rural farmers with the skills needed to generate increased production and profit, and also with knowledge, promoting respect for the environment and improving the quality of life of the community as a whole.


The primary objectives of Vangrace Compassion’s Food Security & Agriculture programs are to:

1.       increase food availability and food access through improved farming systems, invigorated entrepreneurship, and strengthened market systems

2.       improve food utilization through food distribution and better care practices, such as improved food processing, preservation and storage


4. VCM Health, Nutrition & HIV/AIDS Programs 

Provide health education and palliative care to ensure that individuals and communities have the knowledge and resources to lead healthy lives. We focus our efforts on communities where malnutrition is high and the need for family planning, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness and education is evident.

We operate in the areas of health skills, maternal and child health and nutrition, family planning, adolescent reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. In particular, we emphasize service to at-risk populations, such as orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIVs).

The importance of comprehensive, holistic care is strongly reflected in our program design. We not only provide education and assistance in health care, but also train community leaders and individuals to develop expertise in home-based care and support, such as maternal and child care, psycho-social counselling, or HIV/AIDS-related care, so that they can help their communities lead healthier lives.


The primary objectives of Vangrace Compassion’s Health, Nutrition & HIV/AIDS programs are to:

1.       Reduce prevalence of malnutrition

2.       Reduce levels of morbidity

3.       Improve infant and young child feeding and care practices for women and children

4.       Prevent and manage diseases, including HIV/AIDS

5.       Promote sound nutrition and healthy lifestyles

5. Emergency Family Shelter.

Vangrace Compassion offers shelter for families that have been affected by the storms and families seeking for place to sleep for the night. This program is open to families with an adult (male or female) head of household with children, regardless of being intoxicated by any amount of illegal drugs and/ or alcohol, with people being screened by behavior. Community outreach’s zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs and/ or alcohol will be temporarily suspended to offer this service to homeless families.

6. Gospel Outreach & Discipleship Program

Gospel outreach program is the core program of Vangrace Compassion Ministries. As a Christian ministry, it is the gospel which gives us purpose; it is our motivation to see lives change for the glory of God as we fulfill the great commission through practical presentation of the message of love to the kids, families and largely the community. Apart from meeting the needs, we also carry out some up front mission activities such as; preaching/teaching the bible, discipleship and bible distribution.

The main goal of Gospel Outreach program is to win the lost souls to God by presenting the gospel of love and grace to the hurting world, reaching to the children and broken families. Mathew 28:19

Raising a Unify Generation in Christ Transforming Lives of Ugandans/ African Orphan, Vulnerable Children and Impact Communities Through Vangrace Compassion Ministries Initiates, Church and Missionary Programs to Equip Them with Full Potential for Productivity and Ministering to The Pearl Of Africa (Ugandan) Communities"

To achieve this goal, we carry out the following activities:

  • House to House /door to door evangelism and market place crusade gatherings.

  • Discipleship programs at the center, through bible studies, prayers and counseling

  • Bible distribution exercise


(1). To teach and preach the word of God (2). Distribute Mosquito nets (3) To carry out bible studies (4). To distribute the bibles.


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