October 2015 Newsletter.


  1. Surprise Box
  2. Surprise Shoes
  3. Education
  4. Feeding the less fortunate
  5. Medication
  6. Community Outreach Program
  7. Volunteer’s Profile
  8.  5 reasons to sponsor a child
  9. Conclusion 

1.   Surprise Box

‘A Surprise Box’ is aimed at sending an unexpected gift wrapped in a big/small Box to your
sponsored child or towards all of the orphan children here at God’s Village.

Recently one of our sponsor sent in two surprise boxes for her children that she sponsors and it real caused a very great impact to these children. When a child receives such a gift, it’s always hard to forget the person who sent him or her surprise box.

Giving a gift to an orphan that makes him/her happy brings a great joy to all of our children and it also reminds them that there is someone who cares about them regardless of their vulnerability.

This is also another way to surprise other children especially those that are not sponsored as currently we only have 5 Sponsored children.

To you, it is a question but that small amount of $23 USD every month is a huge sum to the child you’re sponsoring, going towards paying for their scholastic material, medication, and feeding them. It helps them build their lives and develop themselves through learning and schooling. They are able to focus on an ambition, a dream that will uplift them from poverty they are surrounded by, and move on to a better life.
When you have a fixed commitment every month, no matter how trivial the amount is, you realize that you have responsibilities and act accordingly. You become a better person and strive to much more for others in your daily life. And when you help one child, you want to help many more when you see the effect that your contribution has brought about.



Shoes, Tooth paste and tooth brush, Soap, Sanitary pads (girls), Pants, Candy, Toys and Other things that you would also like to send to the kid.

Note: One Surprise Box is for only one child and you can wrap anything not necessary the above mentioned item.


Get a good packaging box. Pack in the gifts as listed above. Wrap the box. Write the name of the child on the box and design the box with any designs that you feel will be a real surprise to the child.
‘’The surprise is that you continue to be surprised’’

 2.   Surprise shoes.

Any parent can tell you how often kids grow out of shoe, they go barefooted to school but there is a way how these children can get shoes that is through you and me.

Remember 'One shoe can change someone’s life.' – Cinderella.


Recently one of our orphan child received a surprise of shoes from her sponsor but she was so excited and happy over it. It was real a surprise Shoe.

Most of orphan and vulnerable children here at God’s Village, shoes are no fashion statement. They are a key to good health.

They also open the door to an active social life and even encourage education.

Shoes also helps Orphan and vulnerable children to improve their personal hygiene, as well as protecting them from various infections that may result from foot injuries or exposure to bacteria and other unhygienic conditions in the soil.

 3.   Education

Wonderful people have stretched their hands thousands of miles from where they are reaching out to needy children here at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage and giving them the most precious thing in the world that is education with only $23 USD monthly.  It’s much appreciation from me for the effort you are making to reach these orphan children here at God’s Village.

 Education is the key to a good life. It gives one hope that, after completing the recommended phase, one will live a good life and afford the basic needs in life.

Most of these orphans and vulnerable children their parents were refugees from Rwanda and Congo and others their parents died of HIV/AIDS. Giving education to these children is a sign that shows they are not alone regardless of the absence of their parents.

 Out of 279 orphans and vulnerable children that we have, it’s only 7 children that are sponsored so the rest we struggle our best to see that they get scholastic materials, feeding them and medicating them. Due to limited funds we find ourselves providing limited necessities or not even providing some of their necessities.

"Everyone deserves the best start in life, which is what Vangrace Compassion orphanage is working to provide the world's most vulnerable children. Education is essential to a child's development. I hope that everyone can be encouraged to join Vangrace Compassion Ministries mission to make education a reality for children throughout the world."

 4.   Feeding the less fortunate.


 In world, millions of less fortunate boys and girls are going to bed hungry. More than 17 million children face not having enough food. Together, we can feed hungry children and change this grim statistic. We can reach these less fortunate children in need across Africa with food and other essentials that offer hope for a better future.

Through Vangrace Compassion Orphanage, these children get access to food, medication, education and shelter. But there is a challenge of inadequate food supply due to limited funds at the orphanage and this has bought up sometimes children going to bed with hunger.

 Any parent can tell how it’s like for a child to go to bed with hunger.

We all want the best for our children. As Vangrace Compassion Ministries/Orphanage, our target is to see that all orphans and vulnerable children are fed well though it not easy at times. Imagine the cost of feeding hundreds of children providing them with breakfast, lunch and supper. ‘If we can conquer space then we can conquer childhood hunger.’

‘ I can’t think of any issue that is more important than working to see that no orphan child in this world goes hungry.

 5.     Medication

It is not an easy task to look after hundreds of orphan and vulnerable children mostly when it comes to the side of medication. Due to limited funds, most of the time we find ourselves having outstanding debts of the medical bills.

This month we had many cases of sick children and many of these children have been suffering from fever, coughs and flu and other related diseases.

As Vangrace Compassion Orphanage, we are more concerned with well being of orphan children so when it comes to sickness, it real worries us mostly when we have no funds and there is an outstanding debts at our local clinic yet there is a need to give treatment to these children. It’s hard for us to take any child when he is sick to that same clinic due to the debts that we may be having.

" but in serving the best interests of orphan and vulnerable children, we serve the best interests of all humanity."

 6.     Community Outreach Program.

Not everyone mostly the elderly people and vulnerable people can easily meet their needs, that’s when Vangrace Compassion Ministries community outreach program comes in. Throughout this month, we had a community outreach program of mosquito nets give out to mostly those that are in vulnerable state.

 7.     Care Giver’s Profile.

 Harriet has been working with Vangrace Compassion Orphanage since 2011. She is a hard worker and a great example for her team members. She works in different areas within God’s Village Family. She serve as our nurse at the same time a care giver.

 8.     Five Reasons to Sponsor a Child

1.     Making sure they do not go hungry. In our modern day society, hunger should have been satisfied years ago. Many people are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, one of the most common areas that people will cut corners in is food. Even if the child that you sponsor does not live in a poverty stricken country, they may be unable to get food due to a natural disaster or war.

2.     Giving them a chance to drink clean water. One of the most basic needs is not being met. One of the things that we tend to take for granted is water. Imagine if you could not give your child clean water to drink, hoping that it was not going to make them so sick they could die. There are many areas that the water is so contaminated, parents have to face this fear every day. Even if you give one child the chance to have clean water, you can change an entire family’s life. Help decrease the mortality rates in children by giving one child clean water.

3.     Saving their lives from health related problems. Many children are born into this world without any health care at all. Imagine if a child in your family was born with a heart condition and you had no way of ensuring that they got a necessary transplant. Imagine being so far from a hospital, you had to walk a week just to get your child treated. There are people that live in countries that do not have the ability to make sure that every child has the appropriate medical care that they need to ensure that they live long enough to reach adulthood. Donating a little money could give them the chance to grow up.

4.     Giving them a shot at being a better person. Many of the children of this world do not have the ability to go to school. We often forget that there are places that children are not educated at all. If they are not educated, how are they going to be able to change their circumstances when they grow up? How are they going to make this world better, without having a proper education or the supplies that they will need to learn? By sponsoring a child, you can ensure that the child that you are sponsoring gets the education that they deserve.

5.     You can help a child in your country. Many of us would rather help a child in our country. Many charities will give you a choice where you sponsor a child from. No matter what country you live in, there are always children that are in need of your help. By helping a child in your country, you ensure that the country that you live in will have a brighter future. All it takes is for you to decide which charity you want to go through and start donating.


 9.     Conclusion.

As our vision is ‘A Unify generation in Christ transforming lives of orphans and vulnerable children here in Uganda-Africa. We are still continuing to serve for the better of our community. To see that every vulnerable and orphan children as well as the elderly people and HIV/AID’S victims meet their needs through Vangrace Compassion Ministries. We work hand in hand to see that we provide all the necessities needed by such people but on the other hand we are limited to provide their necessities due to limited funds. This month as not been an easy month on our side as we have a lot of pending debts to pay but the funds are limited.

This coming month we will be working hard to see all those debts are being paid and also providing all the necessities of our children like food, medication, scholastic materials and other related necessities. We are also working hard to see that every orphan and vulnerable child get a sponsor to support them in their education, medication and scholastic material because all those are one of the basic needs of any child. Thanks to all of your who give in funds and donations to Vangrace Compassion Ministries/Orphanage. We really appreciate your support and may the Lord reward you abundantly.

September 2015 Newsletter

Since 2003, Vangrace Compassion Ministries has been providing education, shelter, food and medication services to the orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children as well as helping the elderly and aged people here at God’s village.

Education, health and special care for the aged, sick, orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children as well as Gospel Outreach Missions Programs (winning souls to Christ) remains one of the best keys through which Vangrace Compassion Ministries is engaged in. To prepare a Unify generation in Christ that will transform lives and impact the world. 

Chanel Fraikin Donated 700 Mosquito Nets.

Chanel Fraikin Donated 700 Mosquito Nets.

This month September is a month where Vangrace Compassion Ministries/Orphanage has achieved some of its missions as recently we received 700 mosquito nets from a high school girl of 17 years Chanel Fraikin. Another good news is that we also received the irrigation pump system from still one of the family members of God’s Village whose name is Brad. In addition to all the achievements/ positive activities that have done at God’s village, we real appreciate those that have stood with us in all kinds of ways. Those that have stood with us through prayers, monetary fund and other gifts we real appreciate you and may the Lord bless you abundantly.


Health Achievements

This month, we received 700 mosquito nets from Chanel Fraikin one of Vangrace Compassion Orphanage members. These nets were distributed among the 279 orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children, among the community of God’s Village and also the care givers at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage. It was a joyful moment during the time when the children received these mosquito nets. Other remaining nets are to be distributed to other desolated areas of Uganda and other orphanages that are in need.

These mosquito nets will help more in eradication of malaria caused by mosquito bites and in this; the health status of the kids will be highly improved.


Farming Achievements.

Still in this very month, we received an irrigation pump system from Brad one of the family members of God’s Village. This will real help us during the times of drought. Our fields have been in poor conditions due to lack of inadequate water supply and the crops have been scotched by the sun.

Due to the presence of the irrigation water pump system, more high yields will be obtained at the orphanage. More food supply will increase at the orphanage.


Food Sustainability

Due to the monetary funds provided by our recurring sponsors and once time donors, Vangrace Compassion Orphanage has been able to utilize those funds to purchase more food for the children.

This food will take us through for at least three months. In this we thank our dear sponsors for the compassionate and wonderful hearts they have towards our orphanage.

Also due to the presence of the irrigation water pump, more crops are to be grown and this will increase on the presence of food at the orphanage.

Food, Education services, accommodation and medication is the one of the most agent needs here at God’s Village. Educating orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children. Maintaining a sustainable farming/feeding but Food is at the center of these promising changes. Without food, children go starving hence no education can take place.



Volunteer’s Profile.

A Volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an outstanding task. Here at God’s Village we have only 8 care givers/volunteers who take part in every activity at the orphanage e.g. teaching, cooking meals, providing medication to the children, looking after the children and moulding them in the fear of our Lord Jesus Christ to prepare a Unify generation in Christ that will transform lives and impact the world.

This month we want to introduce to you one of volunteer Ronald Aryangasha who is our Administrator at God’s Village and he is the in charge personal who makes sure that the children are in good health, have they got what to eat and all such kind of things.  



This next month, we are looking forward on how we can find ways of paying off care givers salaries and wages and also maintaining food presence at the orphanage. 

Newsletter for August-2015

News Updates.

Vangrace Compassion Orphanage-God's Village.

Vangrace Compassion Orphanage-God's Village.

We take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God for having enabled us to pass through this last month. The last month has been a tight and a tough month on our side as Vangrace Compassion Ministries. There has been a lot of difficulties like food shortage, health difficulties and on the other side we had successive news where two of our goats that were offered to us as a gift through donations by one of the family members of God’s Village gave birth to three kids.


1.      Farming...................................................................1

2.      Health.......................................................................2

3.      Sponsors/Donor’s highlights...............................3

4.      Volunteer’s profile..................................................4

5.      Conclusion.................................................................5


1.      Farming.

One of our goat that gave birth to one kid here at God's Village.

One of our goat that gave birth to one kid here at God's Village.

Successive news is that our two goats that were offered to us as a gift by one of God’s Village member through donations gave birth to three kids in the interval giving us a total number of 5 goats. This brought joy to all of us and we were very happy when we received such good news. Thanks to our fellow member for such a beautiful gift he gave us.

Some of our kids taking porridge as their daily meal.

Some of our kids taking porridge as their daily meal.






On other side, last month we had challenges of food shortage where by at a certain point our kids had to sleep hungry without eating something. This reminded me of a month where our kids had to fight for food since it was little. But we thank God that he has enabled us to live up to now and we also thank our sponsors who always stand with us in such tough times since it's not always easy for us. Without you our sponsors, we can not make. Thanks a lot. 


These are some of the tablets that we usually give our kids when they fall sick.

These are some of the tablets that we usually give our kids when they fall sick.




2.      Health.

At this last month, we faced challenges with the health of kids under medical care when some of our kids like Kisakye Betty and Musa Muguya fell sick from malaria but good enough we used the little funds we get from the little sponsorship fee from our 3 committed sponsors to buy medication for them and they doing fine now. Thanks are to our God.





3.      Sponsor’s/Donor’s Highlights.

We are so grateful for the support and donations that we received from our sponsors and once time donors throughout the last month. We take this opportunity to thank the following people for their support and contributions towards Vangrace Compassion Orphanage. Colleen, Bernard, Patricia, Max, Chris, Amin, and Maria. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your loyalty. We as God's Village family are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of sponsors like you who answer the call to give again and again. Thank you again for your compassionate support. We hope that you will continue to support us in our commitment to help the less fortunate children here at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage. 


Aisha one of our volunteer at God's Village under Communications Department.

Aisha one of our volunteer at God's Village under Communications Department.

4.      Volunteer’s Profile.

As we approach a new month, we recognize all our volunteers upon the great activities and achievements that they have done throughout the whole month. In this we take this opportunity to thank Aisha one of our volunteer here at God's Village for her generosity and a caring and the loving heart of hers. And also her willingness to contribute her valuable time to help at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage. Thank you very much for your commitment that real shows the love you have for our orphanage and the kids mostly. Without your help we could not make it. thanks again for being a very nice volunteer. God bless you.  

5.      Conclusion.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our entire sponsors and volunteers once again for your generosity and the spirit of support, caring and love that you have shown Vangrace Compassion Orphanage. Thanks to all that like and comment on our posts that are posted in God’s Village Blog Group and Vangrace Compassion Orphanage page.

This month we are planning to set up a cow project which will provide milk to the kids and also trying our level best to see that clear up with the issue of food shortage here at the orphanage. We also pray that this month every goes on well and smooth as the Lord will guide us.

Newsletter for July 2015.

Speech from the Director:

It’s my honor to thank you all for the support you have given us throughout the last month of July; we really couldn’t do that much without your support in the struggle to cater for the 279 orphans and vulnerable children. I am grateful that Vangrace Compassion Family is growing and working so hard to brighten the future of these young orphans and vulnerable kids.

I want to thank all those who give in the little they have towards God’s Village Orphanage to purchase food and medicines of the kids at the orphanage and I want to assure you that your fund are real spent in a good way and they have created a positive impact here at the orphanage. Thanks a lot.

However, last month of July has been a fairy month to us where we have experienced a lot of challenges mostly on the side of health and food. Many of our kids have been sick and some were admitted to hospital. Food is still needed in bulk to cater for the 279 kids. Now we are looking Raising $1000 to fully have food at the orphanage but in all in all I want to thank all our sponsors for your funds. Thank you for being with us, joining us and supporting us in every aspect. Thank you all.

Purchase of More Food.

We are so blessed that in the last month we were able to purchase more food for the kids with the help of funds from 3 recurring sponsors and 7 once time generous donators and we have at least captured 41.1% on budget for food now remaining with 58.9% to fully be with food. This has created a conducive environment for the kids to live in due to the presence of food though a lot of food is still needed to see that our kids no longer starve and in this we are looking to raising $1000 to fully be equipped with food at the orphanage.

Health Matters.

In the last month, a lot of challenges showed up mostly in terms of health where almost every kid was sick. This was due to inadequate medical supply, poor sanitation due to lack of proper constructed toilets for the kids and also due to absence of food where the kids starved hence developing sicknesses.  


In this month we are working so hard to solve the problem of food shortage, improve on the health standards of our kids, completing the toilet and many more as the Lord leads us. We call upon more people who would like to stand with us, the door is widely open and we shall be grateful to have you as part of our family.

June 2015 Newsletter

Speech from the Director.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given us throughout the last month of June; it has really not been so easy but all in all we have gone through your Generous support and to God be Glory. I am so great full for the Vangrace Compassion family abroad which has given us a lot of support so as to take care of the 279 orphans and vulnerable children. Last month of June has been quite challenging but we have managed to solve the problems we had like cases of health issues were most of our children got sick, food shortage as now all children are healthy and they all get the food even though we can’t say all is completely well with food as we still need daily/ weekly/ monthly recurring donators to fully come to a complete food solution.  


However, we’re still working so hard to make everything better for the children. We still lack scholastic materials, medical care, and clothes. On behalf of the children and everyone here at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage, we say thank you for all you great support and may God bless you abundantly.

Treatment of the sick children.

In this month we have experienced a lot of health issues were children have been getting sick. All in all we thank our God that all the children who were sick are now fine and children like Nanjala Shaluwa, Kisakye Harriet, Joseph Wasswa, Johan Aryagasha, Nakalema Aisha and others.

Improvement on the food supply.

At the beginning of this month we experienced a serious food shortage to the extent of our children falling into the source pan so as to struggle for food.  We thank all the people who have supported us in the struggle to feed 279 orphans.


In conclusion, a lot has been happening which is not included and we have only pointed out the major ones. But the children are fully acquiring education, feeding, and shown a lot love here at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage. It’s very fine if anyone joins us so as to show love to the orphans and vulnerable children.

May 2015 Newsletter

Pastor Ivan Ssewankambo     Founder and Director

Pastor Ivan Ssewankambo

Founder and Director

Speech From the Director

It’s such a great honor to thank you all for the support you have given us throughout the last month of May; we really couldn’t do that much without your support in the struggle to cater for the 279 orphans and vulnerable children. I am glad that Vangrace Compassion Family is growing and working so hard so as to brighten the future of the orphans. Last month of May has been fair compared to the last months, we managed to get a Ceramic water filter, there was rehabilitation of the children’s sleeping quarters and the children also received counselling from the volunteers.

However, we’re still struggling to see that everything  goes on very well. We still face poor medical care, food shortage, and scholastic material shortage . But all in all I thank everyone who stepped out to help Vangrace Compassion Orphanage whenever it needed help and those who are still helping us.

I wish to thank all of you, our sponsors and friends, for your donations.

Thank you for being with us, joining us and supporting us in every aspect.

Thank you all.


Rehabilitation of the Children’s Sleeping Quarters.

It was real a joyful moment to all children and the volunteers of Vangrace Compassion Orphanage when the sleeping quarters for the children were rehabilitated. It was through the help of dear friends who contributed funds towards the rehabilitation and we real appreciate that. This came up as an achievement at the orphanage throughout this month. This improved on the sleeping conditions of the children and it also reduced on the incidents of snakes getting into the sleeping quarters of the children.

Ceramic Water Filter

We received a gift of a ceramic water filter through this month from our friend. He did this to improve on the sanitation and good health of the kids at orphanage. This water filter can provide safe drinking water for 279 kids after 8 hours. This brought joy at orphanage as children are able to access safe drinking water.

Counselling of the Children.

We also had counselling of the children about life. The children received counselling about HIV AIDS and how they can prevent themselves from getting it. They were also taught on how to behave towards their brothers and sisters at God's Village Foster Home . In this counselling session they were empowered, inspired, and educated.


In this month's report a lot of challenges, problems as well as daily successive stories have been happening even though not included within this news letter as our all aim was to completely show up main success based on our long time needed priorities solved through the past month of May 2015 and among those activities and program carried out are daily education programs to children at God's Village Orphanage School. 

And as a way to completely solve the huge needs here , we lastly appeal to all you friend to please step out a at least sponsor one orphan at $23 or More or less monthly as every dollar received makes a very big difference here in feeding , medication to 279 orphans. 

Tremendous Joy over the Finished Rehabilitated Orphanage Sleeping Quarters

We extend all our sincere gratitude to you our beloved family who supported us in the rehabilitation of the children’s sleeping quarters.  As the orphanage sleeping quarters where previously destroyed by the heavy rains, this left allot to be desired due to the poor economic status at the orphanage. It seemed like we had lost hope over the reconstruction of our sleeping quarters but thanks to God that He heard our prayers. Thanks to you /everyone for the support towards the purchase of iron sheets, we real appreciate your donations towards the orphanage and they have done a great improvement. Through your donations, we have been able to purchase the iron sheets, nails and other building materials which were used in the reconstruction.

 “I feel so humbled, Children are happy and the sleeping environment is good compared to the recent one. Once again I say ‘big thanks’ to the ones that donated towards the reconstruction of the sleeping quarters of the children. God bless you all…..” Ivan the founder said.

“Who knew that we too could have iron sheet roof topped home instead of the straw rooftop we have been used to? A kid asked.

It’s real a pleasure for us all to sleep in a house with iron sheets and we thank all people who stepped out to help us with the need. May God bless you all for your kind hearts?” Added Oliver, the orphan.

Everyone deserves the best in life, which is what Vangrace Compassion Ministries is working to provide towards Africa’s orphan and vulnerable children as every orphan is entitled to the essential basic needs like family ,education, medical care, foster home and proper feeding like any other normal child, I encourage people to support Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ mission to make all essential basic needs a reality for orphan children in Africa. We believe in the kindness of everyone out there and with your help we can do a lot for the good of the children.

Pit Latrines (Outdoor Toilets) Construction Started Towards Providing Sanitation, Good Health And Hygienic Facilities For The Orphans.

It will be a celebration with a difference for the children of Vangrace Compassion Orphanage;

Pit latrines (outdoor toilets) on the premises were brought into construction. The construction was initiated by the volunteers at the orphanage and the people of the neighbouring community of God’s village (Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ orphanage foster village).


“We initiated this project based on the Fundraising ceremony that took place on 17th April 2015 where the people collected $79.22USD to help in the rehabilitation of the temporary structures and construction of the pit latrines as we want to do something constructive to benefit the orphans”. The members of the community had pitched in to help with the construction. "We decided to take a step on the construction of the pit latrines and the community members collected bricks to be used that were purchased from the income raised among members in the community on the fundraising ceremony,” Ivan explained.

“The older pit latrines were in a terrible condition (full up) and the orphans often found problems since there are many children compared to the latrines.

Work has started towards providing the important sanitation, good health and hygienic facilities for the orphans.”

Ivan says there are 279 orphaned boys and girls, aged between 3 and 17 years old who used to utilize this old single latrine, not forgetting the bad condition that it is in.

However a lot needs to be done as far as the latrine construction is concerned. Cement, iron bars, metal nets and iron sheets are highly needed, and even more bricks since some of the bricks which were collected by community members to start the construct of the latrines were spoilt by the heavy rains we recently had. Iron sheets are also needed to fully complete the latrines roof and with everyone’s contributions we shall solve this noble cause and we even believe our children will no longer suffer with poor hygiene/poor health related diseases at the orphanage with this big hygiene improvement. 

As you step out to make a difference today, remember this quote: “The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service”

-Henry Wdsworth Longfellow-


Severe storms swept through Sunday evening into the early Monday morning and caused damage at the straw sleeping quarters of the orphans at the Vangrace Compassion OrphanageThese strong winds tore across the straw roof of the sleeping quarters, pushing out one of the walls. 

"I thought a tree had maybe fallen on the house," Ronald the administrator who sleeps near the sleeping quarters of the orphans said. "I heard the children crying as it was raining and I got outside quickly to see what had happened, and then I realized that the all straw was roof was goneSo I picked some of the children who were helpless at that time to save them"

"You can see the way the wind curled up that straw off the roof, “Ivan said. "It looks like somebody took a wash cloth and wrung it out." ‘’The wind was also strong enough to move some of the reeds we had put on the top of the roof.’’

This incidence left many orphans crying and some were wounded as they were trying to escape this terrible disaster.

The miracle in all of it was during the chaos, three orphans were still inside the home. When the wind again kicked up, they ran to a corner of the left standing wall, getting through the ordeal though one of them was injured.

"We could just hear the wind, howling and blowing and we run to that corner," one of the orphan survivor said.’’

The sleeping quarters were destroyed and also many of the orphans’ property were destroyed.

We look forward to see that the sleeping quarters are reconstructed but we alone can’t manage it due to lots of expenses like iron sheets as this will help to replace the easily curled up straw roof as it has been.

There's no doubt that the need is huge. However, now with the support of friends like you will help us to make it possible for orphans, abandoned children at VCM Orphanage again to lead a happier and fruitful living.


Just as a sign of love to the helpless, Lets do something different that will change their lives for the better. Whatever small we give in can contribute greatly to their well being.Lets dry their tears and wash away their worries just by our actions. "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." You Can Send in Your Contribution Online

Just as a sign of love to the helpless, Lets do something different that will change their lives for the better....

Posted by Vangrace Compassion Orphanage on Monday, 13 April 2015


We are right here at the Entry of God’s village were lives of Orphans; abandoned, vulnerable as well as elderly people’s lives are transformed into God’s real purpose. God’s Village currently caters for 279 orphans and a center of Missionary Programs that spreads the true Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to all neighbouring communities to truly live a God’s purposed life and impact the world. Our vision is to transform these people because they need to know that despite their poor condition, God has a good plan for them and they can have a better life in the future.



Let's Join Hands To Save The Future

Together we can change the children of the world. It is proved that the number of orphans is increasing every day. They have no father or mother to take care of them and the only option they have is to move around the streets. They become hungry, lack shelter, clothes and all the necessities needed by a child in life. If they are not taken up by a non profit organisation with a heart to help them, as they grow up on streets. They devise other means on how to survive like robbery, prostitution among others. This calls upon everyone’s effort to give a hand to these orphans so that they can have a bright future and make of citizens in the world. As they are taken to orphanages again they face many challenges due to the high number and limited services. They lack enough scholastic materials hence finding it difficult in their education they lack shoes,uniforms, they also lack proper medication due to the limited funds and at times even feeding them with a balanced diet become a difficult. Let’s join our hands to save the future because it is in the hands children and they are now in our hands.

Posted by Ivan Ssewankambo on Tuesday, 7 April 2015