Severe storms swept through Sunday evening into the early Monday morning and caused damage at the straw sleeping quarters of the orphans at the Vangrace Compassion OrphanageThese strong winds tore across the straw roof of the sleeping quarters, pushing out one of the walls. 

"I thought a tree had maybe fallen on the house," Ronald the administrator who sleeps near the sleeping quarters of the orphans said. "I heard the children crying as it was raining and I got outside quickly to see what had happened, and then I realized that the all straw was roof was goneSo I picked some of the children who were helpless at that time to save them"

"You can see the way the wind curled up that straw off the roof, “Ivan said. "It looks like somebody took a wash cloth and wrung it out." ‘’The wind was also strong enough to move some of the reeds we had put on the top of the roof.’’

This incidence left many orphans crying and some were wounded as they were trying to escape this terrible disaster.

The miracle in all of it was during the chaos, three orphans were still inside the home. When the wind again kicked up, they ran to a corner of the left standing wall, getting through the ordeal though one of them was injured.

"We could just hear the wind, howling and blowing and we run to that corner," one of the orphan survivor said.’’

The sleeping quarters were destroyed and also many of the orphans’ property were destroyed.

We look forward to see that the sleeping quarters are reconstructed but we alone can’t manage it due to lots of expenses like iron sheets as this will help to replace the easily curled up straw roof as it has been.

There's no doubt that the need is huge. However, now with the support of friends like you will help us to make it possible for orphans, abandoned children at VCM Orphanage again to lead a happier and fruitful living.