Newsletter for July 2015.

Speech from the Director:

It’s my honor to thank you all for the support you have given us throughout the last month of July; we really couldn’t do that much without your support in the struggle to cater for the 279 orphans and vulnerable children. I am grateful that Vangrace Compassion Family is growing and working so hard to brighten the future of these young orphans and vulnerable kids.

I want to thank all those who give in the little they have towards God’s Village Orphanage to purchase food and medicines of the kids at the orphanage and I want to assure you that your fund are real spent in a good way and they have created a positive impact here at the orphanage. Thanks a lot.

However, last month of July has been a fairy month to us where we have experienced a lot of challenges mostly on the side of health and food. Many of our kids have been sick and some were admitted to hospital. Food is still needed in bulk to cater for the 279 kids. Now we are looking Raising $1000 to fully have food at the orphanage but in all in all I want to thank all our sponsors for your funds. Thank you for being with us, joining us and supporting us in every aspect. Thank you all.

Purchase of More Food.

We are so blessed that in the last month we were able to purchase more food for the kids with the help of funds from 3 recurring sponsors and 7 once time generous donators and we have at least captured 41.1% on budget for food now remaining with 58.9% to fully be with food. This has created a conducive environment for the kids to live in due to the presence of food though a lot of food is still needed to see that our kids no longer starve and in this we are looking to raising $1000 to fully be equipped with food at the orphanage.

Health Matters.

In the last month, a lot of challenges showed up mostly in terms of health where almost every kid was sick. This was due to inadequate medical supply, poor sanitation due to lack of proper constructed toilets for the kids and also due to absence of food where the kids starved hence developing sicknesses.  


In this month we are working so hard to solve the problem of food shortage, improve on the health standards of our kids, completing the toilet and many more as the Lord leads us. We call upon more people who would like to stand with us, the door is widely open and we shall be grateful to have you as part of our family.