September 2015 Newsletter

Since 2003, Vangrace Compassion Ministries has been providing education, shelter, food and medication services to the orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children as well as helping the elderly and aged people here at God’s village.

Education, health and special care for the aged, sick, orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children as well as Gospel Outreach Missions Programs (winning souls to Christ) remains one of the best keys through which Vangrace Compassion Ministries is engaged in. To prepare a Unify generation in Christ that will transform lives and impact the world. 

Chanel Fraikin Donated 700 Mosquito Nets.

Chanel Fraikin Donated 700 Mosquito Nets.

This month September is a month where Vangrace Compassion Ministries/Orphanage has achieved some of its missions as recently we received 700 mosquito nets from a high school girl of 17 years Chanel Fraikin. Another good news is that we also received the irrigation pump system from still one of the family members of God’s Village whose name is Brad. In addition to all the achievements/ positive activities that have done at God’s village, we real appreciate those that have stood with us in all kinds of ways. Those that have stood with us through prayers, monetary fund and other gifts we real appreciate you and may the Lord bless you abundantly.


Health Achievements

This month, we received 700 mosquito nets from Chanel Fraikin one of Vangrace Compassion Orphanage members. These nets were distributed among the 279 orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children, among the community of God’s Village and also the care givers at Vangrace Compassion Orphanage. It was a joyful moment during the time when the children received these mosquito nets. Other remaining nets are to be distributed to other desolated areas of Uganda and other orphanages that are in need.

These mosquito nets will help more in eradication of malaria caused by mosquito bites and in this; the health status of the kids will be highly improved.


Farming Achievements.

Still in this very month, we received an irrigation pump system from Brad one of the family members of God’s Village. This will real help us during the times of drought. Our fields have been in poor conditions due to lack of inadequate water supply and the crops have been scotched by the sun.

Due to the presence of the irrigation water pump system, more high yields will be obtained at the orphanage. More food supply will increase at the orphanage.


Food Sustainability

Due to the monetary funds provided by our recurring sponsors and once time donors, Vangrace Compassion Orphanage has been able to utilize those funds to purchase more food for the children.

This food will take us through for at least three months. In this we thank our dear sponsors for the compassionate and wonderful hearts they have towards our orphanage.

Also due to the presence of the irrigation water pump, more crops are to be grown and this will increase on the presence of food at the orphanage.

Food, Education services, accommodation and medication is the one of the most agent needs here at God’s Village. Educating orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children. Maintaining a sustainable farming/feeding but Food is at the center of these promising changes. Without food, children go starving hence no education can take place.



Volunteer’s Profile.

A Volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an outstanding task. Here at God’s Village we have only 8 care givers/volunteers who take part in every activity at the orphanage e.g. teaching, cooking meals, providing medication to the children, looking after the children and moulding them in the fear of our Lord Jesus Christ to prepare a Unify generation in Christ that will transform lives and impact the world.

This month we want to introduce to you one of volunteer Ronald Aryangasha who is our Administrator at God’s Village and he is the in charge personal who makes sure that the children are in good health, have they got what to eat and all such kind of things.  



This next month, we are looking forward on how we can find ways of paying off care givers salaries and wages and also maintaining food presence at the orphanage.