Tremendous Joy over the Finished Rehabilitated Orphanage Sleeping Quarters

We extend all our sincere gratitude to you our beloved family who supported us in the rehabilitation of the children’s sleeping quarters.  As the orphanage sleeping quarters where previously destroyed by the heavy rains, this left allot to be desired due to the poor economic status at the orphanage. It seemed like we had lost hope over the reconstruction of our sleeping quarters but thanks to God that He heard our prayers. Thanks to you /everyone for the support towards the purchase of iron sheets, we real appreciate your donations towards the orphanage and they have done a great improvement. Through your donations, we have been able to purchase the iron sheets, nails and other building materials which were used in the reconstruction.

 “I feel so humbled, Children are happy and the sleeping environment is good compared to the recent one. Once again I say ‘big thanks’ to the ones that donated towards the reconstruction of the sleeping quarters of the children. God bless you all…..” Ivan the founder said.

“Who knew that we too could have iron sheet roof topped home instead of the straw rooftop we have been used to? A kid asked.

It’s real a pleasure for us all to sleep in a house with iron sheets and we thank all people who stepped out to help us with the need. May God bless you all for your kind hearts?” Added Oliver, the orphan.

Everyone deserves the best in life, which is what Vangrace Compassion Ministries is working to provide towards Africa’s orphan and vulnerable children as every orphan is entitled to the essential basic needs like family ,education, medical care, foster home and proper feeding like any other normal child, I encourage people to support Vangrace Compassion Ministries’ mission to make all essential basic needs a reality for orphan children in Africa. We believe in the kindness of everyone out there and with your help we can do a lot for the good of the children.